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Wifi Thermostat for Heat Pump, Heater & Fan Coil 

Available in 110-220VAC and 24VAC

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Call Me

Customer support directly from the App by press of a button. Airconet provides IoT platform for companies 

Simple Design

Miniature size that is almost invisible on the wall.  

Belnds seamlessly into your interior design

Voice Activate

Control your Aircon, hands free,  using just your voice: "Alexa, set my airconet to 72 degrees"


Works with wide range of aircons: Heat Pump (24VAC), Fan Coil (100-240VAC), Window AC (remote control)

Energy Save

Airconet turns itself down when you are away. Saving you money on your energy bills

Hotel and Office HVAC solutions 

EKON design and develop turn key solutions for hotel and hospitals to lower energy cost of air condition and heaters.

Energy Save

EKON's thermostat has a build in motion sensor that power off the air condition when room is left empty. Using our unique technology we ensure the motion sensor does not power off the air condition during night time while people are sleeping with very little movement. 

When entering back to the room the system will ​turn back on the air condition to its last settings

Conservation Mode

The thermostat ensure the room is always kept in comfortable temperature even when the room is left empty. This ensure that when guests enter the the room in very cold day it is not freezing and during hot days the room does not feel like in sauna. 

Low Cost Installation

There is no wire run between the thermostat and the air condition:

Thermostat Features

Auto Mode

Changeover AC MODE Automatically
(or manually set to Heat / Cool mode)

F / C 

Select between Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees

Freezing protection  

Automatically turn up the heating when room temperature is below 41 F (5 C) degrees to prevent freezing in the winter

Auto Fan

Select if fan stop or continue when reach desire room temperature


Optional wireless

Add RF relay board to save on running wires from the aircon to the thermostat

Everything you expect from smart thermostat, but simple!

Control from Anywhere  

With the easy to use App you can change your home's temperature from bed or from anywhere on the way back from work to ensure you arrive to a comfort home

Local weather 

Check on the App the local outside temperature which is updated online according to your location

Weekly Timer

Turn on air condition to any specific setting at preset time and repeat it during the week 

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Group zones  

Control few selected zones simultaneously 

All Off / All On  

Power off all zones when leaving home by a press of a button.

Power On all zones when coming back home

Family Account  

Each member of the family can securely access the App to control and monitor all connected Aircon. Only Admin can change the settings with different password  

Call Me

Airconet offer its business partners a customer service platform to maximize support for their users data base 

smart thermostat app - support center

User can send support request message directly from the App to a Call Center.  

Service Center Platform

IOT call center platform
Energy Save

Save Energy

Auto Off when Away 

Receive notification on your phone when you leave home to power OFF all zones  

Set point range limit 

Save energy by limiting the allowable maximum and minimum set point levels

Weekly Schedule 

Preset home temperature to fit your comfort at different times of the day 

Save money on your energy bills 

Thermostat control half of the total energy bills. Reduce usage will save you money


Advertisement Platform 

IoT center can send AD notification to all its users to promote its products and services 

Away Alert 

Receiver a  notification when you leave home with an option to turn down all aircons 

Clean Filter Reminder 

The system will send a reminder after 500 accumulative working hours for each zone

Anti Freezing hazard  

If room temperature is dropped bellow 41 F degrees (5 C), a notification is sent and the Airconet will automatically heat up 

smart thermostat notification

Compatible with: 

Motion sensor icon invert.png
Split aircon invert.png

Heat Pump

24 VAC / 100-240 VAC

1 and 2 stage heating
1 and 2 stage cooling

Fan Coil

24 VAC / 100-240 VAC

2 and 4 Pipes

Auto Fan (3 levels) 

Split \ Window

AC with remote control

Motion Sensor

2 AAA Batteries
Auto Power off aircon


100-240 VAC

Radiator and Floor heating

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