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Smart AC Control

Make your
Air Conditioner Smart

Replace your AC remote control with Smartphone

replace your ac remote control with smartphone

Forget the AC remote control

No more: "where is the AC remote control?"

Control the Air Conditioner from your smartphone. 

From any room - power off the kid's air conditioner from the living room

Add Airconet Smart AC Control to control existing split air conditioner wirelessly from iOS or Android smartphones. Once setup, there is no need to use the air conditioner's remote control anymore.
Using Airconet App, you can be anywhere in the house to control all air conditioners from any room. This HVAC control make your regular air conditioner smart. Using the smartphone as iOS or Android Remote Control ensure this wifi module is like thermostat for ductless split air conditioner. Airconet works like a secondary AC remote control that send infrared command from the wifi module.

Control from Anywhere, anytime

Arrive to cool home - turn On the air conditioner on the way back from work 

Save Energy - ensure all air conditioners are power off after you leave home

Adding wifi module to the existing air conditioner allow to control it from anywhere using free App. The communication between the wifi module is from the server so you can be anywhere in the world to control the air conditioner. Moreover, you can see the online status of any connected air conditioner such as its mode, fan level, set point temperature and the actual room temperature. It is like wifi thermostat for ductless split air conditioners.

Each member of the family can control and monitor the system even if they are located at different places. You can connect few smartphones to the same account and control it in groups. For example, pressing AWAY button will power off all the connected air conditioner in the home

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weekly timer for air conditioner
Weekly Timer

Turn On / Off air conditioner at preset time and day. 
Repeat it weekly according to the selected day/s 

Set weekly timer to the smart air conditioners to turn on at a certain time and day to the required air conditioner setting such as mode, fan level and set point temperature. Since the smart ac control is connected to a server, the timer will trigger the air conditioner even when the smartphone is not connected. Timer can also work on off commands and groups. For example, setup a timer to power off all air conditioners at a certain time. Each AC or group of AC can have numerous timers. Moreover, each timer can be repeated at certain day/s of the week. 

world's smallest air conditoner controller

Miniature Size

Small as a coin that you can hardly see it on the wall 

Size: 3*3*0.8 cm

Airconet is the smallest size Smart AC Controller for 2019. 

Simply connect it to the provided USB power supply and with a simple setup you are ready to control your existing air conditioner from your smartphone. 

Compatible with most AC brands

Compatible with these AC brands with most models that has remote control with LCD

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iOS and Android App

Control from Anywhere  

With the easy to use App you can change your home's temperature from bed or from anywhere on the way back from work to ensure you arrive to a comfort home

Weekly Timer

Turn on air condition to any specific setting at preset time and repeat it during the week 

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Group zones  

Control few selected zones simultaneously 

All Off / All On  

Power off all zones when leaving home by a press of a button.

Power On all zones when coming back home

Family Account  

Each member of the family can securely access the App to control and monitor all connected Aircon. Only Admin can change the settings with different password  


Just connect to power (USB)

Auto Off (energy save)

Receive message when leaving the house to ensure all aircon are off 

2-Way Communication

Get feedback on App from Aircon's remote control 


Optional add-on:

Energy Save 
Motion Sensor

Automatically power off the air conditioner when room is left empty

 - ECOsense - motion sensor for air condition