ECOsense C Energy Saver
  Save Energy by Automatically
and Wirelessly Power off
Air-Condition \ Heater & TV
when room is left empty

ECOsense Features

Timer select switch of 15, 30 and 60 minutes from the instant room is
left empty till Power Off commands are sent
High sensuality 360
degrees Dual Element motion sensor with up to
6 meters detection range
2 IR transmitters of up to 6 meters distance to send command to
device in wide directions
Onboard Switch can turn off devices manually
Can turn off 2 devices (i.e. AirCon and TV)
No wire or installation required
Long lasting battery life
Very elegant and small design
Patent No.200920072195.5


ECOsense Specification

Voltage: 3VDC (2 AAA batteries)
Size: 60 x 60 x 15 mm
Detecting range: <6M at 360
IR transmitting range: <6M
IR transmitting direction: one in front and one on side
IR learning code: 2 IR commands of most devices (stored in Flash
memory – also if no battery installed)
Mounting: optional Ceiling or Wall with screws or sticker
Box include ECOsense device, 2 AAA batteries and Manual
Works with IR devices that has discrete OFF command (one Power
button on remote is not compatible)
Not suitable for room with moving objects (pets, curtains in wind, etc.)
Indoor use only
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