Basic System Design
Features and Advantages

Full Control and Status
On each touch screen in the Room (table, wall or wireless), the user can control and see status of lights, dimmers or appliance on \ off and can control each one of the connected devices with the simple to use graphic interface.

The touch screens have buttons divided to zones and each button or zone can have individual name, depends on customer demands, and can be written in any language.

Entertainment and Information
Each one of the touch screens can be programmed to show Local Temperature, Stock rate, Restaurant, SPA and other advertisements.

Digital Lighting Control
Lighting System involves layering ambient, accent and task lighting to create interesting contrasts and establish focal points or points of interest where attention is focused. When using a preset scene control system, different lighting scenes can be created and recalled whenever desired with the touch of a button.

Scenarios ¨C everything by one press of a button
Scenario means controlling more than 1 device at the same time.
There are many types of scenarios. Most common hotel scenes are:

Leaving the Room Scene
Removing the Card Key from its socket or pressing ˇ°AWAYˇ± button on the touch screen at the main entrance will do the following:
1. Turn off all the lights in the Guest Room
2. Close all blinds
3. Turn off air conditions and heaters
4. Turn off audio and video devices

Coming to the Room Scene
When user arrives back to the room, as soon as the key is entered into its socket, the system will do the following:
1. Turn on selected lights in the room (preset levels)
2. Open selected blinds (user requirement)
3. Turn on air conditions \ heaters in selected areas
4. Play favorite background music

Night Scene
Pressing this button (located next to bed) turns off all lights in the room, activate ˇ°Do Not Disturbˇ± sign and dim the night light.

Control Center (total rooms control)

Since the system works in 2 way communications, the Control Center at the Lobby can know at any time the status of each room on-line.

Moreover, after check in, the receptionist can activate lights and air condition in advance before the guests enter the room.

There is an option to have Floor Monitoring station in which each floor in the building can be monitored separately.

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