Features and Advantages

Flexible Grouping (Scenes) 每 Modules can be programmed into any number of
groups (from 2 modules up to entire system control by one press of a button). This
grouping can be changed within minutes at any time.

Total Control and Monitoring from Control Center Control and monitor (2 way) the
whole building from one central control station over easy to use touch screen with
interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface) in any Language.

Simple Design - EKON system is easily designed within any blue prints

Simple Wiring 每 Wiring layout is similar to conventional electricity

Simple Install 每 System Installation is similar to conventional electricity

Optional Local Control 每 Allow user manual control according to its needs

Timer control 每 any module or scene in the system can be activated or turned off by
weekly timer with predefined conditions

Total system control 每 Control Lights, Air Conditions, Audio Video systems, Close
Circuit TV, etc. from one location online

Energy Save 每 Ensure unused electric loads always turned off

Sensor interface 每 Control loads according to atmosphere condition
(rain, light and wind)
Backup 每 in the unusual event of system break down, all modules
continue working manually
Internet Control 每 control and monitor the system from remote location

Large Scale system 每 can connect 128 masters, each with up to 224 loads
(curtains, lights, etc.) so in total can connect max. 28672 loads per network.

System Layout of Building Control
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